Storied with Grace

Storied with Grace explores God’s grace in thought and story.

The heart of God is expressed through the character of His Son. Yahweh is holy, loving, faithful, kind, generous, forgiving, patient, joyful, gracious, merciful, fearless, brave, courageous, obedient, humble and sacrificial—to name a few of the things in His heart. He is the Good Shepherd, and He cares for His sheep, and He alone is to be worshipped.

I am cupped in His healing, cupped in His grace. And I am lost in how He has written on my heart His Words. God whispers in my heart that I have been rooted and established in love. He stills me. His love is so great that I am lost in it, panting to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.

God has written in all of us a story so personal and so good that in this broken world, there is no thought or beauty to express them, save heaven. He never stops writing His heart into ours. He never stops pouring His Son’s blood through our veins to cleanse and purify us with the same blood that dripped from the cross.

Jesus is fresh with grace. Bounded as we are, sinners smeared in sin, He rises up with healing in its wings and frees us. Like calves kicking free from the stall, we are shown by Him the way south and west and east and north. And as He rises up, we kneel and He floods our souls with everlasting joy. The old prisons are forgotten, the bad blood ebbs away. He fills us with words and dreams and hopes and the joys of sharing His Father’s desires with us, His children. And His grace frees us. And we go with Him into the journey of our home, His heart—a journey storied with grace.

In heaven we will sit on His lap and hear how He explored us while He suffered on the cross. We will weep from the joy in His voice, and from His thundering laughter. He will carry us up the tree of life on His calloused back and feed us the leaves that heal. We will savor His nourishment, His Words. We will gaze with Him into the Eternal City and explore the beauty of life. Forever.

God has given me a story, a wound, a song for Him. He has crushed my bones. He has let my blood. My ink pours over the page. I am wrought with tears. In my suffering, I discover beneath the parchment the prayers that rise up in praise in the low of the cross. And as I write the healing words that He has placed in me, I discover new chapters and new songs that express His love. I long to dip my pen into the Spirit and write!

He never stops writing in me. And it is painful, because He writes holy words. They are words so sharp and so piercing, so blunt and divisive that I must repent or suffer shame. He never leaves me as I am because His passion for me is too great. My reward is too great. He loves me too much. All He wants is for me to spend my eternity in the joy of God and to explore His grace and to learn how to dialogue with all my heart with Jesus Christ. His Word is the heart of our story.

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