What does it mean to tell a story?

A deep question, one that I will not try to answer, not in full nor in part, but only out of severe fatigue. It’s 12:49 a.m. My wife is asleep on the couch next to me. It’s been a while since the Cardinal vs. Wildcats game concluded. I can’t sleep. So I’m going to pretend to imagine what it means to tell a story. You may begin the process of forgiving everything that I’m about to say, because it will be unrepeatable and full of rubbish.

I think telling a story means a lot to God. He is determined to win our hearts to Him, to His Son. I think He does that through story.

The Bible itself is a love story, God’s Word, woven in and among the hearts of men and women who are created for courage and strength, hope and resolution, kindness and love. The nature of story reveals the character of Jesus, who lived and is living the Greatest Story that His Father created. Jesus is the Word, written in John 1:1, the Word made flesh. He is the Author of courage, strength, love and sacrifice because these are all inherent to His Being, written in full by His hand as He suffered on the cross. A story is simply words woven together purposed to tell the truth about the character of Man.I believe that every story written aspires in its heart to explore the heart of the Author who wrote His story from the inside out, as He lived it. He experienced struggle and suffering from the womb until His crucifixion.

Why? Because He wanted to teach us how to live out our own stories, just like His. We are living them from the inside out, learning struggles and perseverance and heart and character, so we can be like Jesus, so we can learn what it means to live inside the Word. Telling a story means that I get to explore the heart of Jesus. And that means a lot to God.

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