Jesus, You Know My Book Better than Me!

So it’s difficult to write a novel. I’ve written one and had it published as an ebook last year, after a decade of off-and-on again heavywork on the story. It is a product I am thankful for; I hope someone may like it.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to focus on is Miner’s Jubilee. I’m working on the beginning, which is taking patience to improve upon. Here are some tips that I am learning that may help you in your storytelling:

Tips for Novel Beginnings:

1. Pray. Pray. Pray. There is nothing sweeter than experiencing God’s intimate Spirit guiding you, indwelling you, one with you, letting Him lead you through this process, which is full of joy and courage. There is no substitute for talking to your Coach about your book. I mean, can you really imagine that you and I have a Coach who knows exactly what He wants your story to look like, and that He will bless our stories, truly immeasurably, if we let Him? It’s true. Communing with God and learning from Him and growing in Him helps us become the kinds of writers who can do something jagged and dangerous for His Kingdom — like love the people around us. There is nothing more dangerous than humility, because the greatest weapon called love disarms all the weapons around it. So anyway, praying to God about your story will help you become that writer He has envisioned you to be.

2. Pray

3. And pray

4. And pray.

5. Live patient. Let the story work itself into the mold that is fashioning itself to be. There is something in us writers where God has deposited all the miraculous stories and story bits just waiting to come up into our stories in a transfer from our heart to our minds down our limbs to our fingers and out the door. Some place that cannot be accessed by any tool provided in our power, in this Age; but is accessible out of a humility toward God, a listening to Him that is in itself truly intimate and deep. Patience draws those goodies out of us in a sweet little journey that nourishes every part of our body, spirit, mind and soul. It’s worth it to wait on God.

6. Have courage! Fight the fret. Surrender to God. Read His Word. Go savage with your story, and I mean it — dare to get dunked. Crash cruelly, if that’s the ticket of admission to the better arena in your deep. There is that terrible fear that all writers must face, sometimes rather fast. Facing it is the rush, isn’t it? C’mon, let’s go together. Let’s be brave. Let’s get out the paper and the glue. It’s time to get messy.

7. I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t mean it, because it’s true: Never forget that the stories we write are good, and they will help people, many people, because you and I have a good heart and we want to help, anyway we can, and there is an inexpressible joy in us that must be recorded for a hurt and heartsick peoples. But the better story is the one that God is writing in each of us. Sometime soon, mark my words, God is going to bring our stories that seem so distant and foreign to each other, and He is going to give them into Himself so that we all coalesce for His Son. That’s the story that we’re all sharing. That story is God’s alone. We worship Him, for He alone is Our Storyteller. Daddy Love.

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