New Year’s Resolution 2013

America is hurting. She’s searching for an answer. She’s been raked and her wounds are bleeding out. A country groping the darkness in search of the light. Our schools are failing. Our relationships are failing. Our peace of mind is failing. Statistics are not the answer.

I’ve heard it said that America has lost her moral compass. In our modern age we are more permissible, more violent than we’ve ever been. What had been considered morally reprehensible decades ago is now approved by law. The backbone that directed our constitution has been traded for limp cotton.

Is there any way that America can be salvaged? A good question. But I believe that is the wrong question to ask.

What I want to know is what God is up to? How is He doing? What is His plan? How is He feeling today? What are His joys? His delights? His passions? What are His likes and dislikes? What is the one thing that would make His day? What can I do today that would fill His day with delight?

America is nothing without God. He chose our country even despite our failings to help others. Of course America is not perfect, nor are any of us perfect (so we make a good matchJ); but what matters not where our country is headed, but where God is headed. I want to follow Him. He’s given America a prominent role in the world to help countries become free and democratic states, where the individual is valued, where self-worth among all peoples is of the utmost, where the hopes and dreams and the vital heart of a woman can flourish. What I want to know is what is God’s Dream for our country?

To hear Him, just to hear Him, just to fall in love with Him every day—that is the answer. To walk with Him and talk with Him and to share life’s miseries and pains, triumphs and joys—that is the answer. To surrender to Him and delight in Him and share our heart with Him—that is the answer. I suppose America will one day indeed have its new beginning; let that beginning occur on the uphill, on an uptick, on a birth of joy, however that may happen.

My New Year’s Resolution is simply to let God have His way with me, to submit to Him in every way. To let Him work the country in me to fruition that I can help bless the citizens around me. America is not God’s own country; we have many policies and beliefs that are ungodly; but the heart of America—she is kind and loving, generous and forgiving, brave and courageous, enduring and patient. Let America stand upright in our modern age as a country who sought God alone, who willingly submitted to Him.

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