Hope for the New Year

I think the only way I can have hope these days is through my faith in God. It’s faith that gives me hope. There’s nothing better than to take a risk, to have courage in something that I can’t see or touch, something I can only know and experience.

Why did God set up His creation where faith is so paramount to pleasing Him? Is it because that the first sin committed was due to the temptation to doubt what His Word says?

I don’t know if Adam and Eve knew what faith was when they lived in the Garden, but their faith was tested—even before they sinned. You could argue that faith is God’s design even in a perfect world, even in heaven.

When Jesus has His Day, when we all submit to Him, when everything good is restored, and everything bad is forgotten—even after that Day, I believe we will still live our walk with Him in faith. Even when we will no longer feel the need or the fear to be tempted again, we will still be asked to trust Him.

To what end? For what purpose? I believe Jesus has written us into His everlasting story that is good partly because of how He’ll stretch our faith, how He’ll test us—not to make us perfect, but, perhaps, to deepen and enrich our perfection. I believe we’ll be experiencing a story, one chapter after another, each of them better than the last, where we’ll be tested under an endlessly good sky. Forever He will be drawing us closer to Him by the adventures we will be living, strengthening our character, so that we will more fully understand Him. Anyone who’s read a good story knows that the characters are tested over and over until the resolution. The reader is tested as well over whether she believes that good will prevail in the end. And what an adventure that will be!

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