Praying in a Womb

Waiting on God is like the process of being born. Let me explain. You pray for something and it doesn’t happen. And you pray some more, and nothing happens. And you pray till you run out of words, and still nothing happens. It can seem like God has forgotten you.

When a child is first conceived, is he instantly born? No, of course not. Even though he’s a person from the moment of conception, he’s not yet ready to enter the world. He still has to develop into a child with mature lungs and eyes and fingers and mind. An artwork as beautiful as a child takes time and patience for it to bloom.

Is it possible that prayer, like that unborn child, sometimes needs to develop as well? It’s not that God hasn’t heard us, or that He doesn’t care. Rather, I believe it’s that He’s developing us and our hearts and a whole number of things so that when our prayers are answered, we’re ready for them. You might argue one step further that if a prayer isnt’ asnwered right away, it may not ready yet to be answered.

Yet if we pray honestly to God with our heart in the right place, He hears our prayers from the moment of first conception, and He protects and cups them within the womb of His hands as those prayers develop naturally into full maturation. If we just let natural things happen as they are meant to, as He’s determined them to happen, as naturally as a baby developing inside his mother’s womb–then, given time, perhaps God will answer our prayers in a form that will take our breath away.

As God waits to answer our prayers in the matter of how He determines them to be answered, He uses that time to develop us as well, so that we can receive His infinite, innumerable blessings with an open, believing heart. And we, alongside our prayers, can develop under the artistry of our Father. Life itself is a beautiful expression of artistry and tide. Some growth here, other growth there, a little kick, and then we’re breathing.

Is it possible that at the end of every prayer God has purposed us to discover Him more fully, more maturely, in a deeper way, as well as the life that He has so graciously given us? And here we are alive with a child in our hearts, an inexpressible joy!

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1 Response to Praying in a Womb

  1. Valerie says:

    That is a lovely analogy! ❤


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