Going Home

While I was going home the other day, I stopped at a school crossing to let a young teenage girl make her way across the street. She was headed toward a junior high.

As she crossed, she reached a small narrow gate in a cyclone fence, which surrounded the perimeter of the vast rectangular field before the school. And she passed through it.

She began walking through the grass by herself, the only one in the field—so big that a football game could be played on it.

She walked with a spring in her step, with a freedom, with arms swinging, blue and white dress swishing, sandals flopping—a girl filled with joy and happiness as she strolled leisurely through the endless grass. She was looking with eager anticipating toward something or someone. Her whole being exuded life.

It felt like I was witnessing a woman who had had just crossed through the gates of heaven. It seemed she had just then began her eternity and was going to embrace Jesus for the first time, with the whole of heaven’s open pasture laid out before her.

What will we be like when we enter into heaven for the first time? What will it smell like? Feel like? Sound like? What will we be thinking about? At the gate, we will leave all our pain, loss and sorrow behind. And we’ll stride ahead, truly free, our beings overflowing with life.

I can’t imagine how free I’ll feel when I stride across that grass to meet Jesus and be soothed by His embrace, and discover that the hands holding me in that moment were the same hands that hold me now.

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ. – Philippians 3:20

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