Thank You To My Amazing Wife

My wife is awesome. I am amazed by her love. She is encouraging when she doesn’t need to be, listening when there’s no reason to listen, hopeful when I feel discouraged, insightful when I’m stumbling blind, kind when I’m barbed with anger, filled with promise when I struggle with doubt, nourishing when I’m famished, patient when I’m rushed, calm when I’m scattered, sound when I’m a blusterous wind, beautiful when I am not. I’m thankful that God brought her into my life!

She also endures my “isms”. As in my “ketchup-isms”. This is the philosophy that believes anything edible goes better with ketchup. For example, saltine crackers. She likes saltine crackers almost as much as I do, but when I come home from a tough day and am starving, I get to them before she can stop me. My brother is a fire fighter, so he could picture more than most people when it’s like for me to douse those crackers with ketchup. I don’t know what comes over me. I just squirt. The imagined flames flickering off each cracker square gets put out, and only then—only after I’m sure that our little apartment won’t get set on fire by a saltine cracker, do I stop squirting. I’m sure my belly doesn’t realize the risk before it, that “battle” that’s taking place on top of the stove as I douse one cracker after another, “saving” my wife from losing her belongings. I don’t know. I’ve never had any training for how to put out a saltine cracker with ketchup.

Oh wait. Yes I have. Bachelorhood. It’s called Bachelorhood. Well. Those days are over now. I’m blessed to be married to my beautiful wife Christie. She is an anchor for me when I need someone to anchor me. She points me to Jesus. She encourages me to keep writing, even when I write about weird things like training to be a Ketchup “Fire” Marshall.

I am lucky to be married to you, Christie, my love! If you go to the store today, will you please bring back some more crackers and ketchup?? I need to train!

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