My Life on a Ladder

So how do I respond when I believe God is telling me to pray for and hope in something big? Something profoundly God-sized? Something only He can do? Believing in God-sized things is proper, isn’t it, for a Christian, since it’s a test of our faith to believe that God can actually do those impossible things? We all want to see a miracle. We’re starving for one.

So how do I respond? I pray. I read His Word. I wait. I try to bless others.

But what happens when nothing happens? Do I keep waiting? What if nothing happens day after day … after day … after day? I reach a point in my faith where I feel that this, finally, is the moment of revival, that God is going to coalesce this and that into an indescribable blessing and reveal Himself in a mighty way—but nothing happens!? It’s heartbreaking.

But it’s also very good.

Imagine a ladder. It’s very tall. At the top of the ladder is the miracle. You and I are standing at the bottom. In faith, we can see the miracle plainly, because God is holding it, and He’s waiting for us to climb into His hands, so He can give it to us. We’ve been hoping for this.

But the only way to reach the miracle is to climb the ladder one step at a time. Each one of those steps is like a growth in faith. As we climb each step, we grow stronger. Through testing, through discipline, through perseverance, through endurance, by courage, we climb. This is His design, so that when we finally reach Him, we’ll be strong enough to experience the miracle, and by experiencing it, praise Him.

We couldn’t grasp the miracle as we were, standing at the bottom of the ladder, because we wouldn’t have the strength to endure it. But if we grow through discipline, through testing, by His Word and through prayer, by fellowship and making wise choices, one rung at a time, we’ll be ready when God drops the miracle in our lap.

God loves that we dream big things from Him. He knows we struggle with faith. That’s why He tests us, one rung at a time. He wants us to grow stronger day by day so that when we finally reach Him and He gives us the miracle, we’ll realize that the very miracle we’re holding is the same one which God placed in us the moment we started to climb—that the miracle we touch, and the miracle inside us, are exactly the same.

So let me keep my eyes on God. Let me climb to Him, only to Him. Let me hope in that miracle. One rung at a time. I’m discovering how nourishing it is just to be on a journey upwards to Him!

“Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present,
but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the
peaceable fruit of righteousness to those
who have been trained by it.”

~ Hebrews 12:11 ~

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