I’m still in 2015

It’s only the second day of 2015, and already I’m having to remind myself that despite unforeseen circumstances, God is still good. Even though we’re having car troubles again, it’s still possible to rest in Him. Back in November my wife’s Taurus conked out, and it cost us $1300 in repairs. We have an emergency fund for these types of disasters, and it took all of it. We knew that it would be a long time before we would need to make any more repairs.

Well, welcome to a year of unplanned events. Just this morning, the Taurus again would not start. We were forced to call a tow truck. This time it’s costing us almost $700, draining our emergency fund once again. But we don’t have a choice. We don’t have enough money to buy a new car. In about a month’s time, we’ve dumped almost $2000 into a car with over a 150,000 miles on it. Every dollar we put into it is money we can’t save to buy a new one.

Ugh! It makes me question the year ahead, to think to myself, “I’m still in 2015?” even after only the second day of the year.

Isn’t life like that? We make plans and hope for the best and usually fail to prepare for the worst. Yet it’s the worst circumstances that often prepares us to experience the best.

God is teaching me about Him today. His love. His faithfulness. His heart.  But the thing he’s teaching me most, I believe, is to be still in 2015.

I forget how easily God has the victory over disasters, how His plan is far greater than poverty, disease, injury, pain and death, that even on a worst day He still sings our names privately in His heart, how we are safe in Him.

The start of a year inspires many of us to be optimistic about the months to come; for others, it only heightens our sense of dread as we think, Well, my life is hard. What makes me think life won’t be hard in the year to come?

I don’t have an answer to how this year will go. I imagine that some days it will be good. Some days will be bad. What matters most to me isn’t the quality of day that I have (although I hunger for good days), but how still I can be before God.

Only by being still in Him is it possible to hear His song that gives me life. To be broken and built up in the same moment is the best possible outcome to a searingly painful event, one that rejuvenates my spirit and fills my hope. Even in despair, when life is scalene, I can still hear Him, His love and mercy and truth, the hope of life He’s singing over me even now.

That song is singing today, a genuine expression of God’s promises. I’m thankful for struggle—not for the sake of struggle—but because by them, I see how God works His plan through the heart of them, changing the heart of me. Thankfully, I’m still in 2015!

“Be still and know that I am God.” ~ Psalm 46:10

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