A Season for the Blessed

Jimmy Tample is determined to make it to the PGA. For the last sixteen years he’s been punished for trying, by way of Q School. Four stages. Multiple rounds. One tasftb_front_cover-hireserrifying hole after another. It’s so grueling that former PGA players who have been forced to requalify through it, fizzle out. This year, his seventeenth, Jimmy has made it all the way to the last round of the final stage. In a moment, he will earn his Tour card and a few bucks as well, to help pay off a heap of debt. He’s in good hands. His caddy happens to be his wife. She knows his game better than anyone. But something unsettling is happening. Something Jimmy hadn’t thought over. His caddy is in some kind of trouble. She’s a little pale. A little distressed. It’s affecting his stroke. And now on this last hole, as they approach the green, does he and his wife have what it takes to finish strong, or is this a moment of crisis that will alter their lives, their game and their marriage in ways they could never have foreseen?

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